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Default Re: Mark Levinson 436 problems

Originally Posted by louislouis View Post
Thank you again for your reply. The problem exhibits itself on start-up from cold as well as after the amp has warmed up. The power indicator light blinks rapidly, which the trouble-shooting part of the ML user guide says is indicative of a heat problem. But, the problem occurs when there is no heat. I have asked the local dealer's technician if it could be that they heat sensor is malfunctioning, that is, the heat sensing part of the circuit. It seems to me that if the heat sensor is a separate part of the circuit, and not inbedded in the motherboard, it would be less expensive than replacing an entire board.

I had hoped that this was a frequent-enough problem that others had found a solution.
You probably have your 436 repaired by now but here is a bit of information.

The 436 and most Levinson products are repaired at the component level by the two regional service centers in the USA. I cant remember the last time I replaced a 436 board. The board material is Orlon and it darkens faster than most materials.

The front panel LED flashes a pattern to indicate; high temp , DC offset, high current. etc. The explanation of the pattern is in the owners manual.

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