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Default Re: Have you ever watched an entire movie on your computer or iPhone?

I recently returned home after more than my share of airplane trips. Four in a week to be exact, and I have to say my new iPod video kept me sane. While not the greatest display in the world, or the best viewing experience, being able to watch movies on the go without lugging around a laptop or portable DVD player is worth the price of admission. The small screen didn't offend me as much as I thought it would. I watched Die Hard 3, Signs, Finding Nemo and Crimson Tide all on my iPod video during my travels and found it to be quite enjoyable. I bought the newest iPod video prior to leaving for my destinations over the new iTouch for the iTouch (basically an iPhone without the phone part) is very limited in terms of storage space. In fact the iTouch doesn't have a hard drive at all, it instead uses flash memory which for full length movies, whether you rip them yourself or buy them from iTunes, isn't enough space for more than maybe a film or two, not to mention the fact that most users are going to have a couple songs or so as well. The new iPod video is still the greater value overall, although the larger screen size of the iTouch would be nice.
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