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Now that I have had the Oppo 95 for some time, I wanted to give a mini review of it and compare it to the Pioneer Elite 09 and the Sony 550.

I do NOT have all that electronic equipment that measures everything, so this is a very subjective report. And I hope it is helpful.

First, the Pioneer unit, at the time gave the best picture and best movie sound I had seen on a screen and heard on a home theatre system when using a blu ray. I use The LPCM settings. The Sony‘s picture was good and rivaled the Pioneer. The sound, for me, on most Sony’s are a bit tinny.

It did not give stellar audio results when using a regular DVD. In fact, I was disappointed in the sound of the average DVD.

The player itself was clunky to use, it took a long time to start up and the “connectivity” was poor. I often had to power it on and off to make a connection.

The Oppo 95 was simple to use, simple to set up, including the LPCM settings. The blu-ray picture actually surprised me, it being so much better than the Pioneer and the Sony. The colors were better, the contrast was better and the details were amazing. I didn’t expect that.

Blu Ray: The sound was so much more detailed that the Pioneer or Sony. And the bass is much, much smoother and deeper. In fact, I slightly lowered the volume on the sub-woofer.

The picture on a regular DVD is more saturated and many look terrific, although, I have yet to decide if it that much better. However, the sound is way superior to the Pioneer or Sony and rivals the top notch Krell DVD player of a few years ago.

I have not played with the CD or SACD parts yet. But I give a five star review to the Oppo.
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