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Default Re: Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?

We bought 3 Blu-rays to have around for test purposes. They were chosen as much for their low sale price (at Fred Meyer's electronics dept.) as for content. The recent Star Trek movie, a Harry Potter, and HD Landscapes (3 discs) are the titles. We rent around a dozen to sixteen movies per month from Netflix, and about 2/3 to 3/4 of them are Blu-ray. We also stream a few from Netflix, and some of those are HD which means 720P and stereo sound. Our internet is provided by Comcast on a 9Mbps - 12Mbps connection. Our home theater PC is an Intel Core i3-based system which I built and it's on a wireless-n connection to the router one room away, giving good results. Once in a blue moon we rent a movie from Redbox, too, but rarely need it because of our Netflix subscription. As a longtime music lover and hi-fi guy I'm a firm believer in the notion that the "source" is the most important link in the chain. When it comes to movies I reckon the disc combined with the player counts as the source, and I'm frequently amazed at the quality of video and audio that we get from our little Sony S370 Blu-ray player. We've considered getting either an Oppo or maybe a Pioneer Elite Blu-ray player to complement out Pioneer Kuro 50-inch TV but, when we pop in a movie and hit the play button on the Logitech remote, we're sooo into the movie that we forget about upgrades. Guess that means we don't need any other player! By the way, for those who don't already know, those Sony Blu-ray players are pretty darn good at upsampling regular DVDs, too ....
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