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Default Re: Anthem D2 or Arcam AV9?

While the video side of this industry is frustrating at best as we all wait for the dust to settle. I would hang onto your AVM20 at this point for I'm not sure the D2 is the end all be all any more. It's still quite remarkable, but with change coming so rapidly now may not be the time to jump in on the D2. Who knows what Anthem has in the works. I didn't catch anything at CEDIA however CES is right around the corner and with HDMI 1.3b seemingly the new standard I would expect Anthem to have some sort of answer soon. If it's an upgrade to the D2 or a whole new animal has yet to be seen. HDMI 1.3b does have its advantages over 1.1 and I'm sure with a little patients all will be revealed.

As for the audio, you have a KILLER setup.
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