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Default Re: Anthem D2 or Arcam AV9?

I am currently going back and forth between an AVM50 and a D2. I currently have an AVM 20 so I can upgrade to an AVM50 for about $2500. Alternatively I could trade my AVM 20 in on a D2 (a dealer has offered me $2000 for the trade) leaving a cost of about $5500 (all in CAD$) for the D2. I am having a really hard time justifying the D2. My system is purely for movies (I have a separate two channel system in another room) so my sources are all compressed (at least until the HD DVD/Blu-Ray players start becoming more mainstream) and I am really not sure I would be able to hear the difference. The video sections between the two are identical so I don't expect any difference there. I also think that having an image playing at the same time distracts you enough that the sound difference would be hard to hear. I think I would feel differently if I used the system for pure music listening. Just so people know where I am coming from I have a complete Paradigm Signature system (S4, C5, Sig ADP and dual Servo 15's) and Blue Circle power amps.
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