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Default Re: True Subwoofer Signature (Sunfire) No Sound

Just to get the context here, my reply was to this post:
Originally Posted by pirates712 View Post
I believe the onboard amp is 2700 watts. Is this what size replacement amp I need? Sounds pricey.
Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
Yep it would be probably cheaper to buy a new Sunfire. Give them a shout and see what a new amp would cost.
Originally Posted by chrisautosound View Post
and even cheaper to have it repaired. usually $350 or less. maybe more if you worked on it first.

please call us or use the service from on the pyramid audio web site.
So I'm sure it could be repaired for less than buying a new Sunfire, but buying just the amp would probably cost more than a new sub. If he gets it repaired it will be the lowest cost, I'm sure. And now he has a source. Thanks chrisautosound.
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