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Default Re: My projector picks from CEDIA 2007

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I still haven't opened the topic of cutting out the wall into the step daughters (old) room for the new 10+" screen with the StarGlass, and maybe that is a good thing. If I had a good room that I could even somewhat control light into I would love that Cinecurve screen! That thing is awesome, quiet, fast and quite frankly seems to be the cutting edge of the technology now.

Alas, I am a lowly RPTV guy.......

Stuck in Florida (for now)

kennyt, for myself and others who may not know, what or who is StarGlass?
And though we are familiar with Stewart, and Runco, it seems Samsung continues to come in there with great product reviews.
But when you see homes in MHT, you don`t normally see, Samsung? Why is that?
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