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Cool Re: Playstation 3 as Blu-Ray player.

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I bought PS3 the day it came out (for $3000 - ouch) so that we could have it for review on as they were hard to come by. While I am no hardcore gamer - it has been fun to own and is one of the better BR players out there.

One important way it ISN"T the best is DVD playback. Yuck. Most people have a DVD player already anyway so it isn't THAT much of a deal breaker.
Ouch is right!! $3000 is really wanting to get one!!

While I agree with you that DVD playback isn't a big deal (I use my Sony DVP-NS3100ES for DVD) Have you tried a DVD in the PS3 since the 1.8 update that included upconversion to 1080p for DVD's?
I'm going to try my SuperBit version of the Fifth Element to see what the upconversion does for DVD's.
I can compair that with the Blu-Ray version of The Fifth Element.
In July Sony is going to release a new "better" version of The Fifth Element since the original was poorly mastered.

I wonder just how many copies of this movie I'm going to end up with!!
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