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Thumbs up Re: New Integra DTC 9.8 pre/pro. Best bargain yet??

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
This past week at CEDIA Integra showed off their new pre/pro that offers seemingly every bell and whistle out there, doing every new audio format decoding including dts Master HD, a multitude of HDMI ins and two independent HDMI outs (one of the first to offer this feature) balanced and single ended ins and outs, all for ~$1,600!!

At this price point I can't imagine a better deal. I didn't get to hear it, but if you want a new pre/pro to handle everything now while the formats settle out, this one is so inexpensive it might be worth a look even if you know you will be upgrading it in a few years once all the dust clears!

That does sound perfect to match with Integra`s other amplifiers. So kennyt, tell me about CEDIA. I`ve always wanted to go there. I saw a small clip of CEDIA on the speed channel, on a show called "Unique Whips" Its about a guy named Will Castro, and how he grew from the South Bronx, to now installing for basketball, football, and entertainers high end cars. They filmed his visit, and after i saw that, I want to be there.
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