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Default How I feel about A/V

I love baseball. When I was younger I enjoyed playing it, now I must just watch it. I love, in person, seeing major league, minor leagues and even little league. On TV, however, I enjoy only the best of the best. Until my father took me to my first major league game, I had only seen baseball on our 12 inch black and white TV. I remember to this day the first time I saw the huge, beautiful and green baseball field. What an experience.

I love movies. The first movie my parents took me to was Fantasia and, top this day, I remember being overwhelmed…I love the pictures, the sound, the huge screen after all I had only seen movies, cartoons and such, on that small black and white screen, and Fantasia was in stereo!

I love music, real music. I love jazz and Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and even movie soundtracks. But I even like the real music played at weddings and such. I enjoy going to concerts (I saw one of Ella’s last) and any place you can hear real instruments.

So I have always seen electronics not as the be all and end all, but the means to an end. When I moved into my first house 20 years ago, I made sure I had a “stereo” room. As acoustically good as I could make it, I wanted to hear great music. I hate it when someone says to be, “come over and listen to my new stereo.” I want to listen to music, to a performance. And yes, I want it sounding as real as possible. Of course, this can't be totally true, because if you have a complicated setup, your friends know that "you're into these things." And no matter how many speakers are in the room, they still refer to it as the "stereo." (By the way, did you know that stereo was originally three channels?)

My room is not the perfect Home theatre room because 20 years ago, when I bought the house, there was no home theatre. I had placed a TV in between my speakers and eventually added two in the back. I had a laser disc player. (Before digital discrete signals). Yes, things got upgraded and I got a projector, not just to see a big picture, but because the TV and stuff placed in between the speakers degraded the sound. When I say I love this stuff, I actually have no attachment to the equipment. My attachment is still with the movies, Fantasia, Citizen Kane (which has a great soundtrack too), Dark City and so on. And with Kind of Blue and Louis Armstrong Hot Fives...and sevens

And it’s great to see a sea of green on a big screen watching a baseball game in Hi def, surrounded by the sounds of the game. And hearing the on field announcer’s voice coming out of the back.

When I was younger, I could speak more about the equipment, brands, settings and specs. Now, more and more, I just want to sit back and enjoy the show. And I appreciate the equipment that makes that easy to to do.
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