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I was confused by this model and sent an email to OPPO:

Last week I bought the Oppo 95 Blu Ray Player. I bought it after going to your site and seeing the ads.
There is only one model listed, yet I see my instructions say that this is a "zone 1" model, other ads show it as a zone free model. Did I get the wrong one? Is there a zone free model of this?

Can you let me know. Thanks!

Their response:
All players which are shipped from official resellers are DVD Region 1 and Blu-ray A locked. It is possible to hardware modify the player to support alternative regions, but we do not support such changes to the hardware.

Best Regards,

Customer Service
OPPO Digital, Inc.
2629B Terminal Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043

I sent another email to make sure:
Does this mean that the unit from Amazon and other places are NOT factory OPPO units but are fixed up outside of the company? And now I see they mention that $100 update may be available.

Please see: (The Amazon listing, I included the link)

These players are modified by third parties and are not authorized by OPPO.
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