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Smile Re: Good Music Coming!!!

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
I remember the days of living above Tower Records in West Hollywood and going down at 12:00 AM on Monday so I could stand in line to buy the newest records.

I can't think of a record I want that badly anymore unless the labels were to release music in an HD format. That I would go stand in line for.
There we have it. Waking up, in the north bronx saturday morning, with my older friend Lenny. Getting excited about going down to 14th street into the "Village" area to shop for records. Before you got to Tower on 4th street, on 12th street, there was a little store called Daytons, where you could go in and by DJ copies of the latest albums, in excellent condition. They would play them for you, clean them if you deemed necessary. Everyone was nice and knowledge of the store, the music, and how to get your music, if they did not have it.

Then, there was the extreme ectasy of talking with Lenny about the purchases we made, and how we COULD NOT WAIT TO GET HOME TO PLAY THEM. Yeah, I have not been that excited about a purchase, unless its an SACD or DVD - A of something I have already.
Those were the days, back on the train.The 4 or 5 lexington ave. subway to 180th street. Then switching to the old no. 2 train up to 225th street in the North Bronx. Then finally, home to clean my records with my DISCWASHER cleaning system. Then to play them on my Dual 1229 turntable and Shure V15 TypeIII cartridge. Boy, you took me back on that one Jerry!!

And David, you are old school, like me, but so what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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