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Default FLAC Via USB

1. I have ripped a few Redbook CD to FLAC losless (44.1/16 res) and saved on an external HD. When I play the FLAC track (via USB to Onkyo TXNR609) it does not sound as good as the same track on the CD played through Cambridge Audio 650BD and the same receiver/speaker system. The 96/24 downloaded tracks play but I am not able to compare as the downloaded file is the only copy.
2. Is the FLACK file from the HD inferior because (1) the ripping drive LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GMA-4020B (about 5-7 years old) is not good enough (2) the data transfer from the HD via USB to the Receiver is degrading or (3) the Receiver is not reproducing the full resolution? The receiver does have 192/24 DACs and CD/SACD/DVD-A played on CA650BD through the Receiver is very good.

Would anyone care to attempt answers and GrtGrfx my very helpful member have you any suggestions?

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