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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

Captain Stereo, please, tomorrow or next week, when your anger go away, read what you wrote and what I have written, and if you have enough grey matter will understand your contradictions.

I am dedicated to the audio (stereo only) for 25 years. Thanks to my occupation I've lucky enough to test formidable audio systems, and I chose the best equipment for me , not for the price (higher or lower) but for my pleasure to feel the sound .

With people as, or more, knowledgeable than me, because we are dealers of equipment high end at request, we have had the chance to try ones the best and most varied amps, preamp, DACīs, players, mechanical transport, etc.... BAT, Krell, Marc Levinson, McIntosh, Nagra, Gryphon, Esoteric, Cary Audio, Ayre Acoustic, CEC, Audio Research, T+A, AudioLabs, Boulder, darTZeel....among many other brands that you couldn’t afford even to test.... then captain stereo, does not give me a class of what really is true in audio.

Finally, I never have commitment to sell and justify the price of a particular brand, simply I advise listening before spend money.

By the way you have lost, it is not necessary to pass by a blind listening audio test.

Good luck and my best regards.
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