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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

Originally Posted by stinger View Post
Captain Stereo,

Your reply is what I have been listening during years, the easy way out: "If you're not able to hear the difference does not mean that it's not there"... "If you're a deaf is not a fault of players", etc, etc. Who prejudge the other to justify its own “dogmas” and “subjectivities”, is the one who has less objective ability to discover the differences in the quality of the sound between equipment, players, amplifiers, pre, etc.

1st) I never said that I don´t heard difference between players, and that by the way already we have tested.

2nd) I've said that if YOU are able to hear differences and identify it in a seriuos blind test, I would give you an Ayre DX-5…

3rd) Your reply confirms what I supposed.

4rd) What is under discussion is whether actually in terms of audio quality, justified pay more 9,000 (Ayre) or 3,000 (Lexicon)
respect an OPPO BDP 83SE or BDP95.

5th) You think being a great specialist in audio is to compare quality of products proportional to its price. And that's why you underestimate to anyone who believes that cannot be justified the 9,000 difference between these players….

6th) After all, eventually I prefer some deafness and not a net stupidity.

7Th) Chao…...
Who cares what you think something is worth? People who ask if this is worth a zillion more than that? They don't have the zillion to spend. That's why they get Camaros and put big tires on them instead of getting Aston Martin's or M series BMWs, or AMG Mercedes. Is a Vanquish worth $240,000 more than a Camaro? It's a fundamentally stupid question. Yes, it's a lot better. And if you have the money to do it and APPRECIATE the difference, then you get it. Boohoo, if you create some mythical scale that judges the percentage better something is, and then expect the pricing to exactly reflect that? You're an idiot. It's not up to you or me to judge for someone else what they spend on things they judge to be better and "worth" it. So is a DX-5 better than a BDP-83/93? Of course it is (and yes, "stinger" I've done a blind test. total no brainer difference). Is it $9,000 better? Dumb effing question. If you've got the income to get a $10,000 universal player and it's obvious to you the DX-5 is better, then you'd be an idiot NOT to get it. Otherwise, you're getting a lesser player (still a darn good one) all because of some holier than thou value judgment scale you've manufactured. Who loses? You do. Because a better player you as a wealthy dude can afford is there to be had, but you're getting something less than, why? Oh, because you're "stinger" and anyone who doesn't agree with you is an idiot. So go calling people names, go get your mass market hi-fi, you're probably a cable hater too I would guess so go off on that, and live miserably ever after.

EDIT: Everybody knows that the Lexicon truly is an Oppo rebadge. They make it harder for companies like Ayre who really do meaningfully improve the product to gain traction. Lexicon should give all their customers a $2,000ish rebate (the aluminum machining counts for something).

EDIT 2: And "stinger" I'd take you up on your offer for you yourself to conduct the blind test, but I fear you're an angry crazy person, so I'll live with the 'stingers' you send my way and try to live on somehow...having said that, I work in a shop where right this very second, we have both a DX-5 and a BDP-93 (yes, Oppo does sell in some high-end specialty shops. Same price as on website). There's no comparison. Both are good. Ayre way better. Unsurprisingly. You may take my word for it and give me a DX-5 if you wish. I'll even give you a deal on it for your leap of faith.

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