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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

Originally Posted by stinger View Post
Cpt. Stereo, I challenge you to a real and serious listening blind stereo test between Ayre dx-5, OPPO BDP 83 SE, Lexicon BD-30 and Oppo BDP-95. If you are able to differentiate the quality sound of each one, I publicly commit to buy to you an Ayre dx-5, but if you are not capable to differentiating the sound of each one player, you publicly committed to assume you are a jerk. I wait for your answer about what I ask you, and please! do not come with something else that does not apply to this proposal. You accept or notů.
Fine. You round up all the players and set 'em up for me, and it's a deal. But on second thought, screw you. I'm a jerk because I don't like it when forum-dwelling losers call stuff they don't know jack about a rebadge? Who the ef are you? Don't call me a jerk because I suggested it would be wise to LISTEN TO SOMETHING before you declare that it couldn't sound better.What's jerky about that? And just so ya know "stinger", I have directly compared the DX-5, BDP-83, and then some other high-end CD players from Audio Research, Meridian for example. The differences are as plain as the nose on your face. But then I do this for a living. I don't work in a cubicle all day, then read an article on and assume I know everything. Everything sounds different to one degree or another, and if you can't tell the difference, that doesn't mean it isn't there. It means your ears aren't as practiced as someone for whom audio is the way they make their living. Me a jerk? Look in the mirror, "Stinger".
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