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Default Re: Analog Audiophile

[QUOTE=GrtGrfx;26072] ------(especially since I've actually done some recording and mixing of digital audio using ProTools myself).---

1. I wanted to ask the question about Analogue VS Digital music. I jumped at the availability of CDs in the 1980s. I bought the very first CD player available here Sony CPD-101, I think. No more stylus tracking weight adjustment, bias correction and reluctunt to loan the Vinyl (LP) to friends in fear of overtracking and generally suseptible to damage. CDs were so convenient to slip it in the caddy and press play and could be loaned out without fear od damage. After many years of this and I began to feel that may be all is not as it appears after reading what analogue audiophiles were saying. Then I found this a couple years ago in this website-
The trace clearly shows even ay 96khz sampling, the form is no where near the analogue trace. The sampling would have to be an infinite number to faithfully reproduce the trace!!
So I feel the digitised signal will remain "unfaithful" to the original signal (and more so by the conversion process necessary). Is my perception too simplistic?
2. As for recent recordings, many engineers are tending to join in the "loudness" war. So the recording are louder at the expense of dynamics.
3. Studios now seem to be mixing by listening to "near-field" monitors which in my opinion will make the final product suitable to fit different environments (listening rooms) but deprive the more serious listeners to enyoy the "original" sound.

I hope there will be some responses to my above points.

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