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Default Yamaha RX-396 fried?

I have a Yamaha RX-396 stereo receiver, and the other day I put on some music through AUX and cranked up the volume - but I mean really cranked it up. After a few hours the music just stopped. I went over to the receiver - it was hot and I could smell something burning - something electric/plasticy.
I immediately disconnected it from the power, and let it sit. Now, a few days later, it still won't turn on. When I connect it to power and click the ON button, all I hear is the click from inside (fuse?). But it doesn't turn on.
Obviously, I can take this in to some repair shop and get it fixed - but I was wondering if this may be something I can fix myself.
I'm guessing there might be several different reasons this could have happened, and several different parts that may need to be replaced.
I thought maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I really would like to do this myself and hopefully learn something from it.

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