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Default My projector picks from CEDIA 2007

Last year, without question, the projector to have or at least see was the Sony VW50 or Pearl. While Sony has updated the Pearl, it was not the "it" projector of the show. While I'm not entirely sure which product that "it" title fell to there were several projectors that I took notice of.

First was Sanyo's new and affordable 1080p LCD projector which is retailing for $3,000.00. This thing was super bright (Sanyo was showing it in a booth) and the image quality, both in saturation and black level was wonderful. I've already requested one for review. Check it out here:

I also really liked Planar, which is the entry level product from the Runco family of displays which also includes Vidikron.

Epson was showing a few new goodies, including an all-in-one projector solution which includes a screen, built in speakers from Atlantic Technology, a DVD/receiver unit and of course your choice of Epson projector. The packages start at $4,000.00 complete. Imagine a 100 inch screen with surround sound and HD picture quality for $4,000.00. And it looked great by the way. Check it out here:

Both Samsung and Panasonic had strong showings on the projector front but I was amazed at the sheer number of projectors being fitted with Anamorphic lenses giving the viewer that true cinema feel with a 2:35 or cinemascope aspect ratio. This wider widescreen was everywhere and so was Stewart's CinemaWide screen which is just too cool for words. I'm still figuring out how to get one. is offline   Reply With Quote