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Cool How many feet does it take?

What's up everybody, I'm a new member but not new to the game. I was thinking on either the samsung 3d d8000 led, or he d8000 plasma. I was at first leaning towards the 55 inch led because of it's appearance, specs and so on, but recently started looking at the 59 inch d8000 plasma. I'm hearing that this tv of of course has everything the led has just not the bezel and maybe the contrast ratio, but of and it's about almost $300 cheaper for 4 more inches of tv. Bottom line it's 59 inches, I have a 52 inch Sammy LCD now. I sit about 11 feet from the tv. Now I should be good with the 59 inch plasma right as far sitting distance go right? I don't wanna get it to big, and be overwhelmed you know. From what I'm reading that's a decent distance! If any feed back on this please hit this back. Thanx!
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