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Have a Dell 2200 MP w/609 hours on lamp. Several weeks ago a darkening band appeared on left edge of screen from top to bottom. Not a sharp edge but graduated affecting about 1/8 of the display. In about 3 months time this band grew to cover about 1/5 of the screen. Today I removed the lamp to inspect it and the projector. All appeared OK. Immediately after re-installing the lamp the area affected grew to cover almost half of the display. Replaced lamp with a back-up and after re-installing I've lost 3/4 of the image and after going back to the original lamp the entire image is impossibly dim. Image is sharp and color seems correct but too dark. Tried a reset to factory spec's to no avail. Any idea's? This Noob thanks you in advance!

Hi guys,,This is sannu here,,,,I think ,that's very informative post....thanks for share good suggestion,,,,,good luck !!!!
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