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Default DLP Mitsubishi & Samsung HDTVs Showcase HD 3D Technology

DLP® Products from Texas Instruments (TI) showcased high definition 3-D DLP technology at CEDIA Expo, the high end home theatre and entertainment industry’s annual meeting. DLP core technology is enabling stereoscopic 3-D capability for HDTVs that are currently on the market. CEDIA attendees will see first-hand how TI DLP Products, a world leader in digital imaging innovations, is providing consumer electronics manufacturers with a simple, yet high performance solution that will deliver the thrill of 3-D content in the home.

As the single unifying technology behind leading 3-D HDTV applications, the extremely fast response and refresh rate of the DLP chip allows consumer electronics manufacturers to innovate options for HDTVs that add an immersive third dimension to TV viewing. Future-proofing HDTVs with 3-D capabilities is especially desirable for video gaming, immersive action scenes, and watching fast-action sports.

Following a similar path to DLP Product’s innovation that launched DLP Cinema® and the digital cinema industry, 3-D DLP HDTV opens the doors for immediate adaptation of existing 3-D computer games, software and future 3-D content creators by providing a unique display option. Over 4,500 screens world-wide use DLP Cinema technology, with nearly 1000 of them enabled for 3-D movies and further growth expected as Hollywood expands the number of 3-D releases.

Adam Kunzman, business manager, DLP HDTV Products commented, “DLP Products has a strong history of first innovations. We were one of the first out with full high-definition 1080p, the first with high color LED and we are proud of our first with a true no-compromise 3-D HDTV experience for the home. 3-D HDTV viewing is going to further drive interest in big-screen home entertainment.”

Newly developed 3-D-Ready HDTV models from Mitsubishi and Samsung create a high-definition stereo 3-D picture when connected to a compatible HDMI/DVI source. Active glasses synchronize to the display then separate the stereo images to each eye thus providing the enriching flicker-free immersive 3-D viewing experience.

Kunzman further adds, “Viewers don’t have to be limited in their movement nor settle for small screen size due to cost. The fast switching speed and high contrast of DLP technology enables a high-quality, immersive experience at price points that never existed before. ”

TI DLP Products has ushered in rapid growth of 3-D movies and content by working closely with major movie studios, OEMs and partner companies. Consumer interest in 3-D entertainment content continues to steadily increase as a result of theatrical 3-D releases such as Meet the Robinsons, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and other studio projects in development including Beowulf and Avatar.

“The next evolution of film making and production will center around creating an immersive experience for viewers,” said Steve Schklair, founder and CEO of 3ality, the leading 3-D production company. “3-D advances are the corner stone to producing the ultimate experience for watching movie footage or live events. DLP Products has been a strong contributor the future of 3-D.” is offline   Reply With Quote