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Default Re: Paralleling Speakers

I'm trying a new idea with my HT setup.. I've purchased four Jamo 10K4 speakers. These mount flush in the ceiling, and are 4-way, with toggle switches that let you attenuate -3dB 0 +3dB for each of the three smaller speakers. The bass driver is 10" and the power rating is 200W RMS. I got a spool of 12-2 AWG CL3 wire years ago from Parts-Express, before the copper prices went mad, and the 1K spool was $97. It's just been sitting up in the attic until I needed it. NOW I need it, so I have 1000' of 12 ga CL3 wire to run around the room..

By using the four in-ceiling speakers, there's a lot less crowding in the room, and much less wire running around. The Jamo's wires all run over to the "port" where the receiver will go when I get this all finished up! I'll let you know the results when I get finished!
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