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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

My HT front L/R speakers are my old Cerwin Vega D-9's, that I originally purchased in 1983, and used in my "lounge lizard" gigging days, running it off of a Peavey PA-400 way back then.

I'm currently in the process of updating it a bit. As is the custom, the orange rubber surrounds on the 15" driver are crumbling away, so I've replaced them with a couple of 55-2963's from MCM.

I found a guy in OK that re-fabrics the front bezel, he replaced the old brown with a tan, and even secured new Cerwin-Vega logos on them!

I removed the rear plastic "spring open and push in the wire" connectors, and replaced them with flush mouth two-way banana plugs (unscrew the banana plug, and you have an exposed 1/4" hole to place raw cable), plus I added a 1/4" TS connector, so I wouldn't have problems hooking it up, no matter what function I need them for!

I'm playing around with some mids to brighten up the center, and going to try a Ribbon Planar added along with the current tweeter, with L-Pads, to see what might become of the sound.

Using a few online port calculators, I've tuned the cabinet to 32 Hz, there were two 10" cardboard ports originally installed (and appropriate for the OEM driver), but this new driver needs two 13.5" ports. If you ever are looking to update your system, even just replacing "one for one," there's a company out there called PSP that makes a product called the Precision Port. It's "flared" on both ends to help muzzle noise, and an all round solid piece of equipment. Cost at Parts-Express was $10 each for the 4" ports that can be adjusted up to 18."
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