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Default Re: DVD-A Available Again: Read About BSM Now

I'll take one of those and so would just about everybody I know!

This is not about a major label doing DVD-A; it is about a niche operation within Warner doing it as a boutique sideline. I have very little hope left at all for major labels and clueless retailers; this is an internet sale if ever there was one.

Their mindset is that DVD-A already came and went, despite titles still being issued by brave souls like Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, No-Man, Bass Communion, etc). It's still here; by gosh if turntables (OLD technology) can become trendy, why can't up-to-date technology?

So they tinker with "new" formats (pointless rehash like MVI) in desparate hopes that it will help them at the cash register. In six months this format will be forgotten as well, never making it beyond obscurity because it has no real claime to fame.

I really don't want lowly Dolby Digital 5.1 or ringtones on my premium releases; especially when there is a proven format (DVD-A) laying fallow while they throw darts in marketing. Also, why don't artists stand up for their catalog? Is the music industry itself nothing more than the RIAA protecting labels and minimizing artist royalties?

I just make it my job in life to point out at every opportunity that it's not always an iPod (I own one) world and that people still want a quality listening experience, especially if it's.... (NEW NEW NEW) surround.
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