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Default Re: Should I just man up and finally buy a new TV?

While HDTV prices haven't bottomed out it has reached a plateau of affordability. So yes this is a good time to buy.

As for buying last years model or the next years model, that's a harder question.
Last years rear projections are great, full 1080p inputs & you can get a great price on them right now.
The top of the line new models will have HDMI 1.3 deep color but there is no content for that now but may be a big improvement in the future, a more important new feature is LED lighting which will have a much longer lifespan & won't fade like current lamps.

It just depends on what's important to you on which year model you get.
Just don't fall into the next gen features trap, some people wait forever to see the "next big thing" & when that comes out manufactures are already talking about the next gen features & they wait some more.
Get you a nice HDTV now & get a good HD provider (DirecTV is getting ready to roll out a bunch of new HD channels) & get a Blu-Ray (or HD-DVD) player & start enjoying the amazing HD picture sooner rather than later.
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