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Default Re: Revel Speaker Owners - Post about Revel Speakers here

Originally Posted by eponies59 View Post
Hello ChiefTK. Thank you for the input on the Salon's and their bass reproduction. From what I gather is their mid range can be a bit OTT without extraordinary amps. \
I am very satisfied with the midrange reproduction of the Salon2's. Brass instruments are extremely natural, but somewhat forward in the presentation. If there is a negative, it might be that some people will think the Revels are simply too bright and harsh.

I use an Esoteric DV-50s for discs and I have ordered an Oppo BD-93 to replace the BD-83. I like the Ayre universal player, but I'm not willing to pony the cash as I've always enjoyed the Esoteric for CD and SACD. For control, I have a Classé SSP-800 and have been very satisfied using it both as a processor and preamp.

The Salon2's are not very efficient and, while the Levinson has always had enough headroom for my listening, I think more powerful amplification might provide an even better listening experience. I have listened to the Classé 600w mono blocks and may very well consider this upgrade for my next purchase.

New amps may require some time as my wife does not share my passion and tends to look less favorably on the somewhat consistent cash outgo
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