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Default Re: Revel Speaker Owners - Post about Revel Speakers here

Hello ChiefTK. Thank you for the input on the Salon's and their bass reproduction. From what I gather is their mid range can be a bit OTT without extraordinary amps. I am currently using a Parasound 2250 on my surround system breaking in the M20's but plan on using the final speaker in my 2 channel room that has a custom tube pre running into a McCormack DNA225. My source is a Lexicon RT20. The McC DNA is substantial and brings out the best on every speaker I have tried and have had a few speakers such as Polk Monitor 10B, Joseph Audio RM25xl and Martin Logan SL3 ESL's.
My biggest issue is that so many are suggesting the new gen Revels do not quite have the liquid mids of the M20 therefore, is why I started this thread. The fellow who is loaning me the M20's demoed the M22's also and decided the M20 has the better mid range and lacks nothing compared to the current Revels.
My 2 channel goal is to be full range since I currently have a pair of Rogers Studio 1's that go down to 40 Hz but sound deeper than their spec or anything else I have tested. The super tweeter in the Rogers is a KEF driver, Celestion mid range and a Rogers woof. The Rogers outclass the M20 Revel in upper and lower ranges but, The Revel has the mid range to die for. Almost sounds tube like w/bloom but looses no detail.
Cheers eponies60
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