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Default Re: Revel Speaker Owners - Post about Revel Speakers here

I purchased the Salon2's this past summer (2010) and kept the first generation Ultima center channel. My first gen Studio's are sitting in the garage in their shipping cartons waiting for surround duty in the dedicated theater that will someday be constructed when the wife relents.

The Salon2 bass response is simply amazing. I'm hearing solid bass lines that simply weren't as dynamic on the Studios. I have noticed that the Salon2's need to be driven fairly hard to come alive. I'm using a Levinson 335 amp...maybe I need to upgrade the power; however, I really like the Levinson combined with the bright and forward Revels.

I know there are even better (more expensive) loudspeakers out there, but I didn't audition anything that sounded as good or better in the $20-30K price range.
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