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Default Re: Revel Speaker Owners - Post about Revel Speakers here

Hello Revel owners. New to this forum and hope I can gen some input on Revel loudspeakers.
I currently am borrowing M20's and they are just superb in the mids and quite nice on the highs. They only lack low bass since I am not using them w/sub.
My question to you revel experienced individuals is this: What floorstanding Revel models sound like the M20 but have deeper bass?
It seems that if I buy these M20 models I would definitely need a sub and I know sometimes sat/sub systems do not integrate as nicely as a full range speaker.
So, look forward to inputs on what sounds as wonderful as the M20 but is a full range Revel floorstander?

PS: If there is another Revel area that might be better, please direct me to the URL.
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