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Default Re: Stereo subs - Do they rock or is it overkill?

Subwoofer setup is key. The likes of Defintive, Sunfire, Velodyne and Revel make it such that you have POWERFUL tool to get the most from your sub investment thanks to setup software, mics etc...

The idea that you can plunk two subs in your room and tweak a few knobs while you toss back a few Grey Goose and tonics - is a HIGHLY flawed concept. In fact, the results will be a mess.

In the end, I LOVE the idea of two subs. I have one Revel Sub 30 in my room now and will be adding a smaller Revel near my seating postion to add some SPANK to the overall system. I actually built my room ( feature pending) TOO ridgid. While the bass, with my Bob Hodas tuning goes low - it isn't loud enough for me. when I turn up the volume, it becomes apparent that there is a sub and the Hodas magic makes it so that you CAN'T discern the sub but it is VERY MUCH there!!!
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