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Default How can you live without both?

Seriously - how can you live without both formats?

BR players are $500. HD DVD players are a little less.

Look at the overall value of your system and tell me you can't afford to pour $1,000 to $1200 into it so you can get the BEST in video and some day KILLER surround sound via HDMI 1.3? Sell a few audio interconnects on Audiogon - ebay some crap out of your garage (my 911 is up there to show you where my head is at) and so on.

And don't start with the boo-hooing about discs because Netflix will send you every movie you might want to own.

HD is MORE than just some $5 per month cable box. Your set (even non 1080p ones) deserve better sources.

Forget the format war argument. Playstation and xBox are going nowhere but gamers bought 1.8 million copies of Madden in week 1. If you don't buy into the HD disc formats - expect Apple and the studios to sell "HD" movies by the download however I bet they wont be as bad ass as HD DVD and Blu-ray. We all play a part in HD as early adopters and that often costs us some money to be as cool as we are. In this case - the cost of entry isn't too bad.
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