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Default Re: Playstation 3 as Blu-Ray player.

I bought PS3 the day it came out (for $3000 - ouch) so that we could have it for review on as they were hard to come by. While I am no hardcore gamer - it has been fun to own and is one of the better BR players out there.

I have owned the Samsung, Panasonic and now the Sony player and in many ways - including price - the PS3 is the best.

One important way it ISN"T the best is DVD playback. Yuck. Most people have a DVD player already anyway so it isn't THAT much of a deal breaker.

I would like to see more readers invest the money they save on these hot, new, affordable HDTVs and be sure to pick up a PS3 and an entry level HD DVD player. The effect of US buying them powers the growth of both formats and HD overall. Studios specifically, need to see enough players on the streets before they release the best titles (that's their logic - not mine)
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