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Default Re: CAT 5 or CAT 6 for HDMI?

Originally Posted by Big Tex View Post
I am hearing yes and no regarding passive. Cable size and quality should matter, right? What do you mean by Active? I don't want to take a chance on "boosting" the signal and incorporating any noise into the signal.

An "active" cable will have a repeater built in. Sometimes it is a brick built into the cable (Straightwire), sometimes it is built into one of the plugs, sometimes it is a little box that comes with the cable (DVI Gear). Usually the repeater is located at the receiving end (closer to the TV) and any good repeater will not induce noise or "sparkles", which is really a result of missing information, not noise.

A "passive" cable has no electronics built in whatsoever and I am even more conservative than RAMISki. I try to limit those to 30', but will got to 35' or 40' in a pinch with a very good cable or a low resolution (1080i) signal.

We have had very good luck with the Straightwire "Super" cables at up to 20 meters, but recommend stopping at 16 meters if you want to be sure all of your 1.4a goodness gets through at max color depth and 1080p. Expect a cable like that to sell for $400-600.00 and a DVI Gear equivalent will be $275 but it has an outboard box that is less convenient. It is also thicker and less flexible than the Straightwire.
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