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Default Re: Find out how to eliminate bass issues by adding ASC TubeTraps

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Read the full review by clicking below.

ASC TubeTraps reviewed on

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ASC tube traps are the most versatile bass and mid range traps around. I have 36 ASC tube traps in my 29' long x 19' wide x 11' high cathedral ceiling room. First, getting the bass right
requires a lot of bass trapping; all corners from floor to ceiling, mid point of walls and in my case directly behind all the front speakers and directly overhead where I sit have very large bass traps (16" and 20" ) Mid range traps
are placed around the entire perimeter of the room at 3' intervals. All the full round bass traps have a reflective membrane on half of the circumference that can be rotated for more or less ambience and diffusion of high frequencies. The mid range half round traps have a offset reflective membrane for directing and diffusing high frequencies. Without this reflective membrane the room would be way too dead sounding and ambience would be lost. For imaging and sound-staging these adjustable traps provide fine tuning and the result is stunning. For outstanding bass reproduction, imaging, sound-staging, and maintaining realistic ambience, these ASC traps are the best choice. When placed correctly, one gets the feeling one is in the hall where the recording was made.
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