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Interesting, more like a sub-subwoofer. Seems like a subwoofer that would go down to 20 hz or so would still be required since they recommend a 20 hz crossover. I guess you are using the amplifier they supply? Getting an amp that will go down to 1 hz would be very few and far between. What do you do for the normal subwoofer frequency range?

I know you touched on this in your other post, but discussion in this thread would be a better place for us to have all of the information.
Yes, the amplifier is Eminent Technology Rotary Woofer Controller, which provides 200 watts
for pitching the fan blades. This controller also has a variable xover (15 hz to 25 hz at 18 db per octave), phase control, damping, gain, and is built by Marchand Electronics. I use 25 hz, which works extremely well with my Magneplanar Tympani bass panels (they cover the range from 270 hz down to below 30 hz. This amp does indeed go down that low (one of the requirements for the rotary subwoofer). One should also keep in mind the necessity for
the rest of the chain of electronics to meet these specs. The source, in my case, is a PS Audio's Perfectwave system, which uses a dc coupled dac. Also needed is a motor controller to control the speed of the fan and maintain that speed under load (when fan blades are being pitched).
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