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Default Re: What are the main differences between Blu-ray players?

Originally Posted by xsavoie View Post
Does the OPPO BDP 83 or BDP 93 really give that much of a boost to regular DVD'S.I realize that it depends on many factors.Such as the source,transfer etc.I am mostly interested in TV series since there is not much chance the TV seeries will be reissued in BLU-RAY,and even if they were,there would be no guarantee the studios would release a much improved product.Older TV series in particular.
It depends if you know what to look for or not. If you do not know what macroblocking is or moire effect, you may not be able to tell a difference. The more you know about video imperfections, the more you begin to notice them. Mosquito effect, chroma errors, white balance errors, plumming, etc.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.
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