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Default Small Footprint for RV

RV's are equipped with cheap audio components but do have specialized functions. In searching for a replacement i"m seeking the knowledge of this group.

First, what makes RV audio components interesting is that they typically run on 12v like a car stereo. Unlike a car stereo, however, they have speaker switches built in so you can drive speakers in the living room (A) and bedroom (B)indepdently...and, in the case of ours, the bedroom speakers (B) also feed outside speakers with on off switches on each bedroom speaker so you can run just the outside speakers. To accomplish this same function with a car stereo unit would require separate amps for each set of speakers with toggle switches to activate them....more hassle than I want. The receiver in our unit is at Jensen AWM910 whcih can be seen on jensenrvdirect.c**. As you'll see it accepts inputs from TV so a DVD and PS2 run through the TV can be played through the stereo unit. Second, RV stereos are typically in a different form factor. The existing unit is 10 7/8" wide by 7" tall.

So, the solution appears to be a 120v receiver as RV's typically have 120v shore power when connected in a campground with inverters to run the 12v stereo and the ability to still use the radio when running of an onboard 12v battery. I'm willing to substitute a battery powered small radio for the few occasions we're not hooked up to 120v.

What I'm looking for is:

1. A small form factor...doesn't have to be exactly our existing size but not the typical 15-17" size width normally found in a typical home stereo.

2. 2 channel stereo with A-B speaker switching. If I ended up with a surround sound receiver i'd simply use stereo channels or maybe a sound bar in the living room to simulate surround. The spaces are small enough and this is camping after all .

3. Good quality sound. Even if I run stereo I'll upgrade the existing 5" round flush mount ceiling speaker to something slightly larger and capable of better sound. (speaker recommendations would also be nice....up to say 6.5" round)

4. Ability to handle AV. Upscaling would be nice. HDMI nice but not necessary (composite at a minimum). Inputs to handle DVD, PS2, an external camera for viewing pictures (nice but not necessary) and at least an AUX in for iPod line out. NOTE: Integrated DVD is OK

5. Good quality AM/FM reception.

6. Weather radio and Sirius/XM a plus but not critical.

Thanks in advance.

Randy in Florida

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