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Why the Yamaha over the Pioneer? It is all a matter of preference but I have never been a Yamaha fan.

It is my understanding that the 1120 DOES upconvert and that the Marvell processor does a very nice job with it. Have a look at the January edition of Home Theater magazine. They sing the praises of the Marvell processor and say that this unit is a great value. Maybe he just doesn't have it set up right?

I have looked at Onkyo and Integra - both good pieces that both have some good features. I just think the 1120 has more bang for the buck and has features that will be useful to me.

I haven't done it yet but I am about to replace my older Elite unit with the 1120. I will write a review on the installation process and the performance. I would like to see how you like the Yamaha vs. the 1120.
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