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Default 7.1 channel HD audio processor/decoder question

Does anyone have any experience with ADA Suite 7.1 HD preamp? I currently have a Pioneer SC-LX71 (think the US version is the SC-05) and I'm upgrading my video processing with a DVDO I-Scan Duo. The Duo will take all of my inputs and do switching and I will only need a single HDMI cable for audio to the Pioneer AVR (for now). I was hoping to find a standalone 7.1 channel processor that could decode the HD formats - I don't need video as the Duo will handle all of that. I came across ADA as recommended by a friend. It has video, so it's a bit redundant for me, but I was curious how it sounded. Also, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a high-end standalone, audio only processor/preamp, if any such one exists.
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