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Does anyone have experience with the Pioneer VSX 1120 K? My understanding is that Pioneer has seriously upgraded their standard offering (non Elite) and that this is a very solid piece. I am upgrading from an Elite VSX 47 TX that does not have HDMI. Bang for the buck with the 1120 seems obvious. Reviews sing praises of the video (Marvell) but I haven't heard much about how it SOUNDS. Street price is around $520. I am very tempted to nab one.

Hello, I purchased the PIO VSX 1120-k. Love the sound. But the Marvell Qdeo chipset does not upscale video. Somehow, it does not work. So now I am skepticle about Pioneer and Marvell. So I am sending it back (I sure wish it worked) and getting the Yamaha RX A700 which does not have internet radio, but it does upscale. If someone can help me out, I will keep the Pioneer 1120-k, but the Yamaha RX A700 is being delivered today. Anyone, please help.
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