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Originally Posted by docrings View Post
What is a good street price for an Emminent Techonologies TRW-17 rotary woofer? Went to their website for some great tech reading on them to understand how they work so efficiently.
When you say street price, do you mean used. When I purchased the rotary woofer it was $12,500.00 and at that time the company had only sold 28 of them. With installation, building the enclosure and calibrating the rotary woofer the complete package was over $20,000. I built the enclosure and saved some money, but as one can see the price is still expensive. You won't find one of these rotary woofers used for probably a long time because they are all custom installed. Even though the rotary subwoofer is very expensive, requires a very large enclosure and a very large space for it to operate properly, it was worth it to me. As an dedicated audiophile for 50 years, this rotary woofer is the most exciting and realistic sounding audio product I ever purchased. It is built to last a long time without any maintenance. Most of the installations for this rotary subwoofer have been commercial ( one example is the installation near Niagara Falls, where they use (6) of the subs to mimick the sound of the falls. Thanks, Bob (bwasound)
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