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Default Re: Audio/video connections

Optical does not do lossless, only HDMI. You may run into a handshaking problem. I have my Direct TV with HDMI running two TV's one through a 7.1 receiver and the other direct to a TV. I sees the TV with speakers as 2.0 and the other TV?receiver as 5.1 or whatever is being broadcast. At times to get the 5.1 you may have to unplug the direct line to the TV. A lot depends on the individual components and in what sequence you turn them on. In my set up I turn the receiver on first, waiting for it to start up, and then I turn on the TV and Sat box. Good luck. Watch the receiver and what it says it is outputing to the speakers. I have been fooled to thinking I am getting surround sound when it is only processing stereo.

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