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Default HDMI Splitter?

I'm wondering if a passive, 1-in / 2-out HDMI splitter will enable the functionality I'm looking for.

I'm looking at upgrading my preamp/processor to something that supports lossless audio (Dolby-HD, DTS-HD). I would like to keep the TV as the HDMI source select as we can listen to any of the sources through the TV speakers without having to power everything else up. Additionally, when I want full surround, I also want the audio to go to this new HD audio capable preamp/processor. I'll simply mute the TV and use the home theater setup for surround sound.

My TV is a Pioneer Elite plasma which unfortunately does not support the Audio Return Channel. Considering the TV has been discontinued, I think it's highly unlikely Pioneer will offer an upgrade and less sure such an upgrade would even be possible.

I have three HDMI sources: PS3, HD-DVR, and Apple TV. I'm thinking I could run each of those sources into a passive 1-in / 2-out HDMI splitter. One of the splitter outs goes to the TV while the other goes to the HD-capable processor. All the cables lengths are reasonably short, no more than 6 ft.

Will this approach work?

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