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Default Re: HDTV - When Will HDMI 1.3 Be Available in HDTVs?

I know receiver companies like Sherwood are working on it now but I have yet to see HDMI 1.3 on any flat HDTVs.

I belive the new Epson projector (a KILLER BTW for under $3,000) has it.

I will say this: HDMI 1.2 does 1080p just fine. Its the lame ass HDCP copy protection that gives us all issues when using Blu-ray and HD DVD. That isn't going away. We can only hope it gets better.

HDMI 1.3 for audio is a big update but I don't know a player that has it yet or many discs.

HDMI 1.3 for video allows 1440p and I have yet to see or hear of anything at that level yet. 1080p has been a tough enough upgrade. For nearly EVERYONE 1080i is the best they can do (cable and sat feeds in HD).

In the end, I wouldn't worry about HDMI 1.3 when buying a new set. Worry about getting 1080p resolution. Make sure you get it ISF calibrated. Make sure it has enough HDMI inputs. Make sure you buy BR and HD DVD.
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