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We just bought a new laptop. It's an ASUS K52F - BBR5. We wanted better than entry level but not too expensive. Entry level was either a little netbook or a basic laptop with a Celeron single-core processor. Neither one has much power. The netbooks may be dual-core but can just barely play an HD video clip. They are basically for email, reading news, or playing simple games like Solitaire or Bejeweled. However, the battery lasts for six hours and more! The Celeron-powered laptops are of similar power. The processor is faster speed, but single-core design again limits its ability to play HD video smoothly and so on. So, we looked at $500 price range including a Gateway, an HP, and a Toshiba. We compared them to the ASUS K52F and liked the ASUS better. It has an Intel P6100 2.0GHz dual-core processor. It's 3MB Level 3 Cache gives it more processing power than older processors with only a Level 2 cache. Memory is 3GB of DDR3 DRAM. Intel HD Graphics can play HD video nice and smooth, and allows you to play some 3D games (stick to Low detail settings). We've done some video editing and transcoding, plus some photo editing. The ASUS handles these jobs nicely. We uploaded a bunch of video made with our compact digital camera, chopped out some boring footage, added some titles, added some voice narration then clicked on Finish. While the laptop turned it all into a several minute-long movie, we went and made a pot of coffee. If you want heavy video or photo editing jobs to go significantly faster, spend a hundred or two hundred dollars more for a laptop with an Intel Core i3 or Core i5 processor and maybe a fancier graphics chip, too. But, for everyday use, those pricier machines will NOT be noticeably better. The ASUS includes Wi-Fi, a webcam & microphone, LED-backlit screen, and facial recognition for security. The ASUS battery lasts around two and a half hours at full power. You can choose a "Power Save" option which makes the battery last over 4 hours, but of course that involves the usual dimmer screen and slowdown of the processor speed to conserve power. Actually, it still works OK like that for internet and other basic stuff. Here's a webpage showing the ASUS laptop. Copy and paste this into the address bar of your browser:

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