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Default Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

Originally Posted by rex View Post
The Dalsa Origin was the first commercially available digital camera able to capture 4K resolution. It is still the only digital camera capable of capturing 4K resolution uncompressed. Dalsa recently made a deal with the DP of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, to shoot entirely with Dalsa 4K cameras.

4K is definitely the film making trend of the future. Currently about half of all Hollywood feature movies are shot in some form of HD video. (Many use the same HDCAM SR used by television.) Digital video lends itself more readily to computer generated special effects, editing, etc. Film is cumbersome since the film stock has to be processed. Quality is lost when copies are made (each time the film passed thru a lens). Directors like the ability to see immediately the results, as well as the flexibility to shoot the same scene simultaneously from many different angles which would be impractical with film, etc. Before long, I think, film will become an outdated relic of the past.
As for down converting to 1080p its an interesting dilemma. As it pertains to our film, much like SD DVD, we'll have to compress things a bit to "fit" everything onto a Blu-ray disc, however, unlike other digital films when then next format (2K or better) hits the consumer market April Showers will be able to be viewed even better or in its native format which is very exciting. That being said even when viewing dailies back in 720p (some of our on set monitors were only 720p) the footage is very impressive. You can always down-convert successfully but up-conversion is a bit of a mixed bag.
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