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Default Re: Help: Digital Optical output making nothing but noise...

If I wanted 2.0 I'd use it, but I want 5.1. I'm thinking maybe the Bluray player has its own built-in digital decoder and is sending a pre-decoded digital signal so the receiver doesn't have to do anything but output the sound. Could be I just have a bad decoder in the receiver, idk anymore, but thanks.

Edit: Also, when I play games on my xbox/ps3 and use digital audio via hdmi output, it shows up as Dolby digital on my receivers display when I press the surround button, and it is being output as surround, not fake surround like Dolby ProLogic I/II or HRTF. I can tell when I play games like Mass Effect 1/2, Oblivion, Orange Box(HL2E1/2) and even other types of games, even dvd surround isn't faked. If something sounds like its behind me, it clearly sounds behind me, not reverberation/echoing from the front channels.

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