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Default Re: Plasma Burn Question

It can be a problem if there is any static images left on the screen. Plasma displays are especially vulnerable during the first 200 hours or so until the cells are aged. After that time period, the burn in issues are greatly reduced, but are still present. Playing games without head up displays, especially during the first 200 hours, is recommended. Those displays will be static and subject to burn in. Also console games will have less contrast than most PC games. Movies and regular TV should not be a problem as long as it is full screen for the first 200 hours. Also reducing the contrast during the break in period is helpful.

You don't need to baby a LCD from the get go, but you may experience some lag during gaming. Some of the newer LCDs have a game mode that will bypass most of the video processing to eliminate the lag.

If it were me I would game on both TVs to be sure the LCD chosen does not have a lag that is annoying.
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